About Us

Peter's pedals is a trading arm of Cambridge Electric Transport Ltd - which is driven by the need to develop innovative solutions that enable people to travel independently, but sustainably as part of a mix of travel solutions.


Through continuous urbanisation, it is anticipated that by 2050 there will be as many people in cities as there are on the planet today. In order to manage this extreme growth and the increased levels of pollution and congestion urbanisation is creating, we require scalable and extendable technology to increase the efficiency of urban flow – as well as make carbon-free cities achievable.


Cambridge Electric Transport is dedicated to developing urban transport solutions to meet these challenges.


Increasingly, it is also difficult to travel to and around in rural areas without a car, particularly for younger people who can't afford a car and for older people find it more difficult to use a normal pedal cycle.


Peter's Pedals offers a more affordable means of less-energetic travel, pollution-free travel. Peter's Pedals is probably the cheapest electric (e-bike) on the market. Deliberately so, because we want people to get out of their cars because we want to encourage:-


Environmentally Eco Friendly travel

Heathy Lifestyle

Faster Commuting

Save Costs