Take the sweat out of cycling! .... Join the electric cycling movement sweeping across Europe!

Smooth and powerful, the Peter's Pedals e-bike is for more than just the city, providing a powerful tool for commuting, leisure and general riding.


Whether you use it to ride faster, keep up with friends, help you up hills, improve your time around the countryside or get to work, the Peter's Pedals e-bike is light, versatile and easy to use. It provides all the advantages of a regular bike while reducing the strain on your body by giving you an assisted electrically-powered boost when needed.

Peter's Pedals e-bike will make your cycling even more fun and you won't believe how fast you can get around!

* Cycle to work or meeting without breaking a sweat!

* The ideal exercise machine - gives you as much or as little exercise as you want.

* Motorised transport with no licence needed.

* Ideal for seniors who want to keep up (or start) their cycling fun.

* Qualifies for the government-backed purchase scheme for employees - save money and spread the cost.

* Environmentally clean transport.

* Incredibly low-cost motorised transport.

* Hi-spec manufacture at a very affordable price.

* LED front and rear lights included.

* Easy to mount step-through design.

* Quick charge via your electric plug at home.

* Driving distance of about 35 miles on a full battery.